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Our People

Senior Leadership

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Hari Reilly - Singh

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Levana Harris

Hi Everyone! I am Hari and I am a first year PPEist at New College! My interests include global affairs particularly within Latin America and the Middle East. I am currently learning both Arabic and Spanish (Duolingo!) and love getting involved in any political chat! Really looking forward to joining the Oxford Speaks Committee and bringing in some cool speakers.


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Sophia Lee

Hi! I'm Sophia Lee, a 2nd year PPE student at Jesus. Originally from London, I moved to Malaysia when I turned fourteen. I'm an avid reader with a soft spot for a good political magical realism novel. My passions extend to travelling, food, and (of course) Taylor Swift! I'm thrilled to help bring some outstanding speakers to Oxford, and I can't wait to see you at our events :)

Co - Chair of the Board

Sam Zia

Hi, I'm Sam, a third-year History and Politics student. My family is originally from Iran, but I grew up in Washington, DC. Always up for a chat about politics, travel, or tennis. I'm so excited to help bring some of the world's most interesting people to Oxford this term. Do get in touch with a member of our team if you want to join or have ideas about new speakers! 

Co - Chair of the Board


Hi, my name is Levana, and I'm a Second-Year Law with Law in Europe student at Christ Church. I have a passion for current events and international politics, along with interests in history, literature, film and photography. I am really looking forward to welcoming our amazing speakers to Oxford, hearing what they have to say and facilitating discussion on relevant issues. Do reach out if there is anyone you would like to hear speak!

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Speaker Outreach


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Trystan Willis

Hi! My name is Trystan Willis, and I’m a first-year History and Spanish student at Wadham. I’m originally from the USA, but I live in the southwest of England. I love learning languages, reading obscure Wikipedia articles, and meeting new people. I’m very happy to be part of the team and help with speaker outreach; and, of course, hearing what our speakers have to say!

Speaker Outreach Director

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Chelsea Cresswell

Hi everyone, I'm Chelsea and I am in my first year studying Russian and Italian at New College. Aside from learning languages, I am very interested in international relations and diplomacy, particularly in the Baltic region. I am really excited to be involved with Oxford Speaks and look forward to bringing in interesting speakers and growing the society as Sponsorship Director.

Speaker Outreach Director

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Alexa Cohen

Hi, I'm Alexa, a third-year at Exeter College. I am studying History and English. I am thrilled to be a part of the team, helping with organizing and promoting events. In my free time, I enjoy reading fiction, running, and finding a new favorite coffee shop. I look forward to students from across university coming to see our incredible speakers! 

Speaker Outreach Officer

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Kilin Tang

Hi! I’m Kilin, a PPE student at Worcester. In my spare time, you can find me training for a half marathon or curled up reading a good fiction book. I’m so excited to bring some of the brightest minds to Oxford - please reach out to me if you have any ideas about who you would want to see!

Speaker Outreach Officer

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Lily Sloman

Speaker Outreach Officer

Hello! I’m Lily and I am an American student at Wadham College studying politics. Equity is very important to me and I am excited about helping make the best and brightest thinkers from around the world available to all Oxford students. Along with following politics, my hobbies include reading and hiking.

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Esomchi Iruloh

Hi, I’m Esomchi and I’m a first-year lawyer at University College! I’m Nigerian but I grew up in Manchester, and love all things African politics and literature. I’m really excited to get involved with speaker outreach for OxfordSpeaks and encouraging fruitful discussion

Speaker Outreach Officer

Event Management

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Ben Snowdon

Hi! I’m Ben, a first-year Engineering student at Jesus. In my spare time, I like to keep up with politics and the news, as well as playing football and rugby. I’m really excited to get involved with OxfordSpeaks and help put on many more brilliant speaker events.

Events Management Coordinator

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Thomas Napier

Hi everyone! My name is Tom and I’m responsible for aiding the committee in securing speakers. Outside of Oxford Speaks I’m also JCR President of Jesus, and enjoy rowing and rugby. Looking forward to a fabulous term and can't wait to see you all at one of our events!

Director of Research

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Roy Shinar Cohen

Hi, I’m Roy, a 22 year old PPE student at Harris Manchester. For the past four years I’ve worked as a research analyst focusing on geopolitics and technology. I am also a peace activist, and in my spare time (what little I have left!), I like to read and cook. I am super excited to be part of Oxford Speaks and help bring more inspiring people to Oxford!

Logistics & Support

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Rameen Power

Event Management Coordinator

Hi- I’m Rameen, from London, and am a 1st year PPE student at Keble. In addition to my interest in current affairs and politics, I enjoy playing sports and music, and supporting Crystal Palace! I’m really excited to be helping OxfordSpeaks in running interesting speaker events!


Jack Bridgford

Hi, I’m a third year at Wadham, studying Chinese. I’m passionate about languages, and their intersections with identity and geopolitics. Also a massive Everton fan! I’m looking forward to supporting the team this term, and bringing some great speakers to Oxford.

Logistics & Support

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Malachy Walker

Hi, I’m Malachy, a third year at St Catz studying Geography, from South London. My interests lie across geopolitics, development and citizenship studies, and outside of that I enjoy running and swimming. I’m really looking forward to helping organize some of these fabulous events this term! 

Secretary, Director of Events and Planning

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Elena Harley

Event Management Coordinator

Hello! I’m Elena, a first-year Philosophy and Theology student at Jesus College. I love hearing from interesting speakers and discussing current affairs, so I’m really excited to be part of the team! I also enjoy getting involved with karate and theatre.


Elias Laurent

Events & Speakers Coordinator

Hi, I'm Elias, a second year PPEist at Corpus Christi. I'm looking forward to bringing in a wide variety of engaging speakers from different fields. My particular interests are international relations and Middle Eastern politics, as well as better representing sports and the arts at Oxford. Please feel free to contact me if you have any speakers you'd like to see us bring in, and I look forward to seeing you at an event soon!

Photography, Videography, & Publicity

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Luca Moretto

Videography Lead

Hi, I’m Luca, a first year doing Ancient and Modern History at Lincoln. I also enjoy playing football and rugby, and watching films just to add them to Letterboxd. I have experience in filming events, so I’ll be looking to bring that especially to the team. Excited for the year ahead!

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David Hays

Photography Lead

Hi all! I’m David, a second-year Experimental Psychology student. I’m originally from Japan and Hawaii, meaning I’ve spent my whole life living on islands. I’m passionate about unraveling the mind, and I research comparative cognition at Cambridge when I’m not at Oxford or traveling. I also love visual storytelling, so I’m excited to capture the best moments from events to share with you.

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Annie Zaris

Social Media Co-Lead

Hi, I’m Annie, a first year studying languages at Trinity. I'll help manage OxfordSpeaks' social media channels, which includes instagram, linkedin, and facebook! Please reach out and connect with us on these platforms, and looking forward to meeting you all at one of our events!

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Gloria Leung

Hi all, I am Gloria, a third-year PPE student at St. Peter's College. The combination of growing up in Hong Kong and studying in Singapore, as well as the UK, has meant that I have fostered an interest in comparative politics. My areas of interest include public policy and international governance. I look forward to organising thought-provoking speaker events alongside the team!

Social Media Co-Lead


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Finn Hewitt

Hi I’m Finn, a finalist reading Law at Jesus College. In my spare time you’ll find me reading political biographies or watching Leicester City! As for interests… anything current affairs.

I’ve occupied a few committee positions in the past, and enjoy the collegiate spirit such a role brings. I look forward to hosting events with Oxford Speaks!

Co-Head of Legal

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Shental Rohan

Hi, I’m Shental, a second year studying Law, originally from Malaysia. I’m really looking forward to helping organize some of these fabulous events this term! 

Co-Head of Legal

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